Sensor Selection Criteria
Monitored gases - detect a target gas or hydrolysis byproducts?
Suitability-  monitoring location e.g. duct, tool jungle, room air, etc.
-  physical constraints e.g. temperature, humidity, RF interference
Sensitivity - how repeatable is detection of a specific gas concentration?
Stability - how does response degrade with time?
Response Time - how fast would it detect a leak?
Selectivity - how specific is it to a target gas?
Poisoning - loss of sensitivity after exposure to high gas concentration
Useful life - how long before sensor cell or electrolyte needs replacement?
Maintenance - how often and how long the system would be off-line?
Warm-up period - how soon the system would be on-line after maintenance?
Ease of calibration - can facility staff be trained or does system need special skills?
Smart features - self diagnostics check on circuit and sensor performance
Immunity to false alarms - is system shielded and grounded against RFI/EMI interference?